Arcade Moments: Until Dawn

A handful of members from The Arcade have played through Until Dawn. It's a a horror-adventure game created by Supermassive Games. It's a game where you control a group of friends who end up in deadly situations in the snowy woods. In Until Dawn there are tons of jump scares, plot twists, and plenty of incredibly entertaining events that are fun to see people react to. Below is a list of some highlights from members of The Arcade and their reactions to Until Dawn.

Please note that some of the following highlights contain minor and major spoilers. 

Abraham_Linksys  - Josh Won't Eat His Sausage

JessyQuill - Until Dawn: Northern Africa

ThisisnotTEA - Scream Queen and the Sanatorium

Wshand - Worst High Five Ever

Wshand - Snoop & Scare

Wshand - Still as Salt

You can also check out Aquamatey's play through of it on his YouTube channel!
Aquamatey's Until Dawn Playlist.

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