Vancouver Twitch Meetup #4

On November 15th the fourth Vancouver Twitch Meetup took place! 

There were over 120 attendees, 10 game demos, 3 stream hosts, 12 interviews, and professional photographers! This was all made possible thanks to SeriouslyClara and her merry band of volunteers who worked really hard to make this all happen. The event happened at the EXP Bar and the event was streamed on Twitch!
A bunch of  official Twitch merchandise was given away at the event!

The next meetup will happen sometime in early 2016! If you're interested in attending the next Vancouver Twitch Meetup be sure to follow their Twitter, Facebook, and Meetup profiles to stay updated on when the next even will happen!
Click here to see over 100 professional photographs from the event!

Here are a bunch of different tweets from people who attended the event!

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