Let's Play The Park

Hi! We've just uploaded our first video to The Arcade YouTube account! I eventually want to do podcasts, interviews, and other fun things with other members from The Arcade. But for now to help build an audience for this account I will be uploading let's plays of random games.

To kick things off I started with The Park a game by FunCom that is a game set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark and sinister secret, it is a first-person psychological horror experience focused on exploration and storytelling.

You can find the rest of the videos here!

Also check out these two highlights that have been made so far by ElectroKittenz and ThisIsNotTEA with their expierence with the game.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

Posted by Andrew Arcade

Hi there my name is Andrew and I've been making videos on YouTube and streaming on Twitch since 2009! My YouTube and Twitch account is AndrewArcade. I also run The Arcade Twitch team and website. Hope you enjoy your time here on the site!


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